I like to read comics, but it can often be hard to find the time.  I especially like Web comics because they’re typically produced by independent artists.  There’s a lot of skill and quality out there that never makes it into our social limelight because it doesn’t have the backing of a lot of money or well-connected friends.

For years I’ve been experimenting with ways to

  1. Maintain a list of comics I like / am currently reading.
  2. Easily share that list with others.
  3. Streamline the reading experience so that I can keep up with all the good comics out there without having to spend several hours each day.

Thanks to the combination of many comic creators providing an RSS feed and Google Reader I believe I’ve finally come up with a good way to do this:

Visit this link to see (some of) my favorite web comics.

A few final things to note as you’re checking out my list of the comics I read:

  • By viewing the comics this way, you are missing the advertising and other information the artist puts on their site. Please also visit the comic’s site and support their efforts in whatever way you feel comfortable.
  • Not all comics provide an RSS feed (which allows me to collect them like this), and not all comics include the image of the comic in their feed (which makes it quick and easy for me to keep up on all the reading).  There are a number of additional comics which I like that are not included in the link above.
  • This list will change from time to time as I add new comics and occasionally remove ones I’ve stopped following.

And finally, some of these comic artists have submitted entries to Patch Together, so if you like their work be sure to join that community and support their submission(s).

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