Been enjoying lots of anime lately so I figured I’d share my current favorites.

Aggretsuko – If you haven’t heard about Aggretsuko yet I assume you’re trapped under a rock somewhere.  I’m generally not that into Sanrio‘s art style, but the characters and story are just so good.  Retsuko is cute, mild-mannered and polite.  So how does she deal with a sexist boss and manipulative co-workers at her accounting job?  Death metal of course!

Love and Lies – One of the reasons I love anime is that there are so many more creative shows that ask “what if?”  Imagine a world where science determines your perfect mate. But what if you love someone else?  I can’t tell you too much without spoiling the plot, but it’s an earnest look at love, relationships and society.

Princess Principal – Take Charlie’s Angels (without Charlie), add a dash of Black Widow and a steampunk setting  Five young ladies from different countries complete missions in an alternate history where a large wall divides England into the Kingdom and Commonwealth. What more could you want?  A rare element that defies gravity?  You got it!

Girls’ Last Tour – Despite having been in the Army for a short time, I don’t usually seek out military stories.  Girls’ Last Tour is my go-to when I want to slow down mellow out, though.  Two young soldiers emerge from an underground labyrinth to find The War apparently over and the world a ghost town.  Alone, but with a durable vehicle they wander in search of other people.

What anime do you recommend?

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